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Mandate –


AFPRC Mandate

The AFPRC was formed by joining the Economic, Social and Environmental Units of NAFRI. The Centre, although still young, is staffed with researchers from a wide range of expertise. Through the implementation of its research agenda AFPRC will continue to nurture the next generation of agriculture and forestry research analysts.

AFPRC and Policy Research
AFPRC’s main areas of policy-research include a strategic mix of analytical products and information services, capacity building and technical support:

Conduct research on socio-economic development trends in Lao PDR
Conduct research on regional and global integration
Coordinate and collaborate with international programmes and organizations
Provide training and education to NAFRI and other government agencies
Provide technical services in support of the national socio-economic development plans
Provide information, analysis and technical advice to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Support the development of future policies at the ministry
How does AFPRC affect policy making?

The AFPRC is the only institution dedicated solely to policy research within MAF. As such, the Centre a plays crucial role in not only carrying out research activities but also coordinating and delivering policy recommendations from other areas of NAFRI to decision-makers.

The Center contributes to policy making in two main ways. First, the Centre gathers data and carries out analysis on the policies that are being implemented around the country in order to propose ways to ensure that economic benefits are being shared in an equitable way across the local society. Second, the Centre provides future-oriented analysis of trends, opportunities and risks of present developments and